Content ideas for Instagram

You don’t know what to post on Instagram today and you’re missing some cool ideas for Instagram for the upcoming days and weeks? Everyone who seeks to regularly post on Instagram knows this problem: You scroll through your photos and can’t find anything that seems worth sharing. But don’t worry: We from the WOW! Gallery will not let you down. In this blog post we have put together 13 creative content ideas for your Instagram profile.

Ideas for Instagram

Before and after comparisons

This format is a classic idea for Instagram images. The content of a before and after post can basically be anything: No matter if it’s a room, furniture or yourself – show your followers how something or someone changed in time. For example, document how your body has changed within a year or let your community participate in the renovation of your apartment.

Ideas for Instagram

Selfie deluxe

A smile is contagious and therefore spreads a good mood. Therefore, you should capture your beautiful smile on a photo as often as possible. Since thousands of photos are uploaded to Instagram every day, it is important to find a background that stands out from the crowd. A guaranteed eye-catcher are the various photo backdrops in our Selfie Museum, for example. Shoot several cool selfies at once and post them over several weeks.

Smiling selfie

Ideas for Instagram

Organize a competition

You don’t always have to provide content yourself. Just run a contest and let other users create good content, which you then just repost. All you have to do is put a creative contest together and offer some cool prizes. If your budget is tight, you can also enter yourself a Meet & Greet raffle.

Ideas for Instagram

Repost cool content

A repost is a powerful tool if you want to fill your Instagram profile with content. Publish a nice post of your own, of your fans or of a friend on Instagram. Let your followers know that you see and appreciate their contributions.

Ideas for Instagram

Ask questions

Receiving comments not only feels great, but it also helps you get more reach. The Instagram algorithm recognizes from the comments that your post is currently popular and suggests it to other users who are not yet following you. To encourage your followers to comment frequently, you should regularly end your posts with an interesting question. Deal with the answers personally to maintain a relationship with your fans.

Ideas for Instagram

Fun photoshop images

Photoshop photos for Instagram

Anyone can learn to edit their photos so that they look good. It takes courage though to transform yourself with photoshop and similar apps in such a way that funny images come out. Show your followers that you have humour and can also laugh at yourself and ask them to imitate you. A small competition is also a good idea: Who can transform himself most creatively? The funniest photo wins!

Ideas for Instagram

Shoot funny videos

YouTube, as we know it today, would not have been so successful for such a long time, if there hadn’t been the countless funny clips in the beginning. Pet videos, crazy cover clips or prank videos – they were all filmed with little technical know-how and brought millions of clicks to the platform. With TikTok, short video clips and memes are experiencing a renaissance, and you should also regularly show on Instagram that you have a sense of humor and are capable of laughing at yourself. Keep an eye on current trends or think yourself of new creative ideas.

Ideas for Instagram

Instagram grid layout

If you want to impress your followers with a really great photo, you can split it into 9 smaller pictures and post it so that it appears on your profile as one huge picture. Of course, a grid photo should be well chosen and go beyond a simple 08/15 selfie. Think about what message you want to convey with this photo and make sure it looks professional.

Ideas for Instagram

Inspiring quotes

Content idea for Instagram: quote posts

A good photo, a thought-provoking quote and an artistic font – the perfect inspiring post that attracts the attention of your followers. Make sure to correctly name the author of the quote and only use photos that belong to you or that you have downloaded from a free photo platform like Pixabay. Don’t use this idea too often for Instagram posts though, or your profile will quickly become monotonous.

Ideas for Instagram

Tell a good story

Great photos in combination with a captivating story are always a great idea to inspire your followers. Think of exciting or inspiring moments you have experienced in the past or tell your followers what funny things happened to you during your day. Be creative and be yourself. Don’t present yourself better than you are in the stories and don’t be afraid to share the more embarrassing stories too.

Ideas for Instagram

Show us what you eat

Content ideas for Instagram: food posts

No matter if it’s your breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack for in between. Photos of your nicely arranged meals can arouse great interest. After all, who doesn’t like to look at tasty dishes? Since the competition in this area is big, we advise you to upload only the most creative and great dishes and to include the recipe to make them too.

Ideas for Instagram

Make your pets a star

Instagram pets

You love cats, dogs or other fluffy animals? Then place them in front of your camera! Show your followers how cute your pets are and how much fun you have together. Take part in fun challenges to test your pet’s intelligence or film them doing funny things. Pets offer nearly endless opportunities to add content to your feed. But always put the well-being of your pets first. Cruelty to pets is an absolute no-go.

Ideas for Instagram

Oh, what a beautiful hot drink

Hot drink photos for Instagram

The hype around good coffee or tea is far from over. Just the sight of those steaming drinks can give your followers a feeling of peace and security. Of course, you should arrange the delicious drinks in a way that they stand out. You can show off your skills as a photographer. An inspiring text can even enhance your perfect coffee/tea post.