Knowing the Instagram algorithm is important.

Daily posting alone does not guarantee that your content will reach the desired audience.

Since the algorithm is constantly changing, today’s strategy may not work tomorrow. Therefore, you should always keep up to date with changes in the Instagram Algorithm.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to crack the Instagram Algorithm in 2020 and promote your content in the best possible way.

How does the Instagram algorithm work in 2020?

Making friends with the Instagram algorithm is hard work.

On average, only 10% of your followers see your posts in their feed.

To increase this percentage and let your community grow continuously, this article will provide you with the necessary tools to crack the Instagram Algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm knows what your followers like

Have you ever noticed that your Discovery section is filled with content similar to the content you marked with a Like?

This is because the Instagram algorithm takes into account the users and content you like. Based on this information, the algorithm calculates what else you might like.

This part of the algorithm also determines the order in which the content is displayed in your feed. Potentially interesting photos and videos appear at the top.


Keep an eye on what your followers are interested in and imitate content and formats of popular Instagrammers from your niche.

The Instagram algorithm watches your followers

Instagram algorithm followers

Some of your followers are so active that you feel like you know them personally. After all, they are always among the first to comment on your posts.

To no surprise: The Instagram Algorithm sees their high commitment to your content and suggests your latest posts to them first.


Reply to comments and messages to encourage your followers to talk. Show them that they are important to you and they will interact with your content more often in the future.

The Instagram algorithm takes timing into account

Instagram algorithm content

If you want to beat the algorithm, it is important to always show your users the latest and greatest content.

Imagine a user looking at his Instagram feed in the morning. If you have posted an image 10 minutes earlier, the user will most likely see it at the top of their feed. But if the post is already 10 hours old, your chances of being discovered are go to zero.


Find out when most of your followers are usually online and plan your postings accordingly.

The more people see your content, the better

Since the algorithm has no eyes, it can only judge the quality of a posting on the basis of numbers.

Probably the most important number is the number of users who have seen your post.

A great way to increase this number is to use hashtags. A combination of brand, product and community hashtags ensures that your content is seen by users who are not (yet) following you.

Tips to increase your reach on Instagram

Comment on posts: If you regularly show up in the comments section of big instagramers from your niche, you and your content will get more visibility. Of course, you should stay authentic and only reply if you have something meaningful to contribute.

Build relationships: Are there users who post content similar to yours? Great! Don’t think of them as competitors, but as potential partners. Like and comment on their posts and send them a message. Maybe there will be an opportunity for a joint project in which your communities merge.

The algorithm rewards daily posting

Producing up-to-date content is incredibly important on Instagram. Therefore, you should plan to post at least one post every day.

If you still lack content ideas for Instagram, why not use some old photos of yourself and join the #Throwbackthursday for example.


In order to avoid thinking about what you could post every day, it’s a great idea to create a content plan and take one day a week to think about new content and search for ideas.

Create engaging content

Instagram rewards content that encourages your users to spend more time with the app. And what content is better for that purpose than videos?

Videos are a great way to tell short stories. You can also upload a FAQ video of yourself answering questions from your community.


Be creative and think about what your followers might like. Instagram loves to share viral videos on the Discovery page. So feel free to participate in as many challenges as you like.

Post multiple images at once

It’s not only videos that keep users occupied with your postings for longer.

Carousel postings or panoramic images also make your followers look at your posts for more than a few seconds. And by now you should know that the longer a user engages with your content, the better the performance.


To defeat the Instagram algorithm, you should think about how to increase interest in your posts.

For example, use the carousel function to post several similar pictures and ask your followers which of the photos they like best. There are no limits to your creativity!

The algorithm loves Instagram bloggers

Instagram blogger

Have you ever wondered what so-called microbloggers do?

The answer is quite simple: They use their reach on Instagram to inform their followers about certain topics in short texts.

Some people have forgotten that the image description can be used for more than just hashtags.


Write short texts matching the picture with valuable tips or interesting facts. This will also encourage your followers to spend more time with your Instagram post.

Stories and livestreams have no influence on the Instagram algorithm

Nevertheless, it is important that you incorporate both into your content strategy.

Stories are a great to keep in touch with your followers and Instagram Live automatically sends notifications to your followers, once you go live.

Livestreams are also a perfect way to forget your professionalism for a moment and communicate with users on an equal footing.


Don’t just pay attention to what the algorithm might like. The relationship to your followers is just as important. Indirectly, a happy community has a positive effect on the Instagram algorithm.

Conclusion: Instagram Algorithm 2020

If you want to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2020, you need to stay on the ball and build a good relationship with your followers.

Be creative and regularly post content that is worth showing up in the Discover tab to be rewarded by the Instagram Algorithm.

Experiment with different content and don’t neglect your Instagram stories or other content formats that may only be indirectly rewarded by the algorithm.