more likes and comments

Whenever we post something on Instagram, we appreciate every like or nice comment. This way our followers can finally give us their opinion and show us what they like.

Surely you have asked yourself how you manage to get more likes and comments on Instagram – we will show you how to do it!

Study on the perfect Instagram Post

Hopper HQ has conducted a study on exactly this topic. It was investigated which properties the Instagram Posts had that could show the highest number of likes and comments. They evaluated 1.2 million Instagram Posts.

From this study, five tips will help you perfect your Instagram posts. If you follow these tips, you will have a good chance to get many likes and comments!

5 tips to create the perfect Instagram Post

The Instagram app offers you countless filters and editing options to give your images the finishing touch.

The analysis of the data has shown that “Gingham” is the filter that is most often used by Instagram users and also brings the most likes and comments. “Gingham” gives your photos a subtle vintage look.

“Clarendon” is in second place. This filter emphasizes the light and dark colors in your photos.

Instagram Filters
These are the Instagram filters that bring you the most likes and comments.

Type and content of the photo for more likes and comments

The type and content of the posts you post will determine how many interactions you receive from your followers.

1. Personal experience

This type of Instagram posts brings you the most likes and comments. These can be pictures showing your progress in the gym or some snapshots of your last trip. Personal Instagram posts receive on average about 20% more likes than other posts on the same Instagram account.

2. Animals

According to the study, second place also receives an extraordinary number of comments and likes. So you have every reason to put your dog or cat in the limelight and immortalize it on your Instagram account.

Instagram animals
Orlando Bloom poses with his now unfortunately deceased dog Mighty.

3. Landscapes

Third place includes, for example, photos from your last mountain hike, the sunset last night or a picture of the beach where you spent last summer.

more likes and comments instagram landscapes
Professional photographer Keith Ladzinski harvests powerful likes from his landscape pictures.

4. Battle of the sexes

In general, posts from female users statistically get more likes and comments.

Sorry guys!

This does not mean that you can’t be successful with your Instagram account, though.

Of course, you can also cooperate with female Instagrammers. But more Instagram Likes should not be your only motivation.

Hashtags for more likes and comments

The hashtags on Instagram categorize your photo.

This means that they allow users to search for specific images.

With a good selection of hashtags, you can make sure that as many people as possible see your pictures.

instagram heidi klum
Heidi Klum uses hashtags to categorize her Instagram Post appropriately.

How can I find good hashtags

On the one hand, you should choose your hashtags so that they really match the content of your pictures. You could add hashtags to what is shown in the image, but also to the broader context of the photo or your caption.

On the other hand, it makes sense to use popular hashtags, so that as many people as possible, who might not yet follow you, see your pictures.

Hopper HQ has created a list of the most popular Instagram Hashtags (as of October 2019). First place is #love with over 1 billion posts that can be found under this hashtag. #instagood is #2 with over 500 million posts to the hashtag. #photooftheday is on the third place with almost 400 million posts.

It’s best to choose your hashtags so that they reflect the content of the post as much as possible and still contain some very popular hashtags.

Using Captions for more likes on Instagram

The caption is the constant companion of your posted pictures. The above mentioned hashtags are also part of your caption, but are usually positioned further down to separate them from the caption itself.

With a well-chosen caption you can, for example, subordinate your post again to a certain topic, give a quote to think about or describe more precisely what happens on the posted picture.

However, you should not overdo it with the length caption of your Instagram Posts if you want to get as many likes as possible. Pictures where the Instagram users have to click on “…more” to read the extra long caption completely will get on average about 15% less likes and comments.

So it’s best if your captions are short and crisp. Emojis can add the finishing touches to your caption and give you more likes and comments. Of course, a single, well-chosen emoji is better than an avalanche of emojis thrown together carelessly.

Kylie Jenner Instagram
Kylie Jenner often chooses a short caption that fits the theme. Emoji included of course.

Find the perfect time for your Instagram post for more likes and comments

The time you publish your Instagram Post also determines how successful your post is and how well your followers respond. Please note on which day of the week you want to post your picture.

From the analyzed data, Hopper HQ determined that the best time to post your post during the week is between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm. If you want to upload your picture on the weekend, you should rather post it at 11:00 am to get as many likes and comments as possible.

The times recommended by Hopper HQ result from the behavior of Instagram users. At these times most users are simply online and your images are seen by more people.

The time you should ultimately choose to publish your Instagram posts also depends on where your followers live. For example, if you have many Japanese followers, you should adjust the time of publishing your posts to the local time zone.

Schedule Instagram Posts

To keep your schedule perfectly on track, Instagram gives you the opportunity to prepare your contributions.

To do this, you just have to create your post as usual.

You can edit the image, choose the appropriate filter, write your caption and think about suitable hashtags. Afterwards, instead of clicking on “Share”, you have to cancel the creation of the post, so you get the possibility to save your post as a draft.

When the perfect time has come, you can select the contribution from the drafts. You can then post the post exactly as you created it last time.

If you have any further questions about creating Instagram contributions, there are many more helpful articles on the Hopper HQ site. There you can also learn more about how to get as many likes and comments as possible with your Instagram contributions.

Maintain your Instagram Community

With your Instagram Community you should proceed like a flowerbed. Constant care and attention will make the bed blossom and prosper. A good relationship with your followers will ensure that you get more likes for your contributions.

A study by InfluencerDB has shown that micro-influencers have the greatest success with their posts. Micro-influencers have about 1000 to 5000 followers. This success is measured by the interaction rate. It relates the likes per post to the number of followers on the account.

Micro-influencers had an interaction rate of 8.8% on Instagram in 2019, which was more than four times the average interaction rate of 1.9%. The study suggests that micro-influencers on Instagram are more successful with their contributions. This could be because they have a more personal relationship with their followers.

laura segebarth more likes and comments
Laura Segebarth is a micro-influencer and has a close relationship with her followers

Large influencers can hardly establish a close relationship to their followers due to the huge number of followers. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, have the possibility to get in touch with quite a large number of their followers personally. They can consider the wishes and expectations of their followers and implement them with future content.

It can also be assumed that small influencers take a lot of trouble when creating their Instagram contributions. They are often highly motivated and give everything to advance their Instagram career.

As you can see, you can also be successful as a small influencer. You can even take advantage of your slightly smaller number of followers. The main thing is that you stay on the ball, take care of your Instagram community. You should post creative and high quality Instagram contributions, and at best, take the ideas and wishes of your followers into account.