Which photo shooting poses are there and what do you need to consider in each of them? So that you can feel like a real model at your next photo shooting, here are a few tips and tricks on how to pose for photos.

Tips for posing

First of all, we would like to tell you a few basic techniques that distinguish a bad pose from a good one. Dare to experiment a little. This is the only way you will learn over time what looks good on you and what doesn’t.

  1. Know your good side: Since no face is completely symmetrical, each of us has a side that looks a little nicer than the other. Find out which side you look better from and keep your “good side” in mind during the shoot.
  2. Bend your legs and arms: For full body photos, outstretched limbs and a stare into the camera are a real no-go. Keep your fingers loose and relaxed. Get used to the camera before you start taking pictures.
  3. Practice the three-quarters pose: In this pose, turn your body slightly away from the camera so that only three-quarters of your body is visible. This pose adds depth to your photos and makes them more visually appealing.
  4. Position your neck and chin correctly: To avoid a double chin, lengthen your neck and tilt your chin down slightly. This will give you a better posture. This pose may feel a bit unnatural, but you will love how you will look slimmer in your next photos.
  5. Don’t look directly into the camera: Looking directly into the camera is often intrusive and, in many cases, doesn’t work well. Instead, look behind the camera or in a specific direction.
  6. Use your hands: When you use your hands while posing, you add an interesting element to your photos. For example, play with your hair or touch your cheek lightly to frame your face.
  7. Keep moving: Don’t look so rigid and keep changing your poses. About every three seconds you should change something in your posture or facial expression.

Timeless photo shooting poses

Whether young or old, woman or man – here are the classics among the photo shooting poses.

Three-quarter pose

The three-quarter pose belongs to the standard repertoire of every photo model. It lies somewhere between a straight look into the camera and a profile photo. In the three-quarter pose you turn away from the camera so that only three-quarters of your body is visible. For a perfect three-quarter pose, you put one foot behind the other and turn your hips away from the camera. Then turn your upper body towards the camera so that your face and shoulders are facing the lens.

Three-quarter pose
Casual and elegant at the same time: a perfect three-quarter pose in action.

Look over the shoulder

Another known pose is the look over the shoulder into the camera. The name of this pose already gives away how it is done. The only thing you should keep in mind when looking over the shoulder: If you have to turn your eyes too much, a lot of white will be seen in your eyes. So, when you look at the camera, orientate yourself on your nose.

Photo shooting pose - look over the shoulder
When looking over your shoulder you don’t have to look directly into the camera. This pose gives your photo a mystical feel.

Photo shooting poses by a wall

Walls are an important element that you should play with in a photo. Direct your gaze to the wall, into the distance or look at the camera. Your possibilities for leg and arm positions by a wall are almost endless. When posing by a wall, you should complement the straight lines with your posture. Use curves and angled limbs to take amazing photos.

Photo shooting poses by a wall
When posing in front of a wall, play around with your arm and leg positions and avoid standing too rigidly in front of the background.

Posing in a seated position

If you prefer a photo shoot in a sitting position, you should either lean forward or backward. More than in standing poses, sitting conveys deep meaning and emotions to the viewer. What you do with your shoulders, your upper body and your legs drastically changes the mood of each photo.

Photo shooting poses in a lying position
Lean back casually, arms and legs angled – this position can be varied endlessly.

Photo shooting poses in a lying position

When lying down, you convey a sensual, slightly sexual impression. This pose can be used by men and women alike to give the picture a glamorous touch. As with all poses, posture is especially important here. You should tense your muscles and be aware of which lines you draw with your posture. The jaw area and eyes also have a huge influence on the mood of your photos. It is best to start off with neutral facial expressions and then gradually move on to more unusual ones.

Photo shooting poses in a lying position

The ball bath at the WOW! Gallery offers a great background for poses while lying down.

Photo shooting poses for men

Especially men find it often difficult to pose for pictures. So that you are capable of doing more than one pose at your next photo shoot and know what to look out for, here are the best tips for men.

Posture and body tension for photo shooting poses

A good posture makes you feel self-confident and shows others that you feel good. It is especially relevant for poses in a standing position. You should stand upright, pull your shoulder blades back a little and, if necessary, correct your chin upwards.

Be careful not to overdo it, so that your pictures still look natural. You can also tense your torso muscles and push your chest forward a little to improve your body tension.

Photo shooting poses while walking

Especially men look determined and professional in photos in which they are walking. It is especially important that you walk upright and look ahead. A good tip is to take slightly bigger steps than you normally do to give your pose more expression.

Photo shooting poses while walking
The deep look into the camera while walking is an excellent way to convey determination.

Hands in your pockets

Men can also skillfully show off their hands in photos. A classic photo shooting pose to convey self-confidence and calmness is to put your hands in your trouser pockets. There are many possibilities for variation, no matter if it’s showing the whole hand or just a part, if both hands or just one. A more modern and provocative pose is to grab the belt loops or the belt itself.

Photo shooting pose - hands in pockets
Instead of the trouser pockets you can also put your hands in your jacket pocket for your photo shooting pose.

Touch your face

A good photo shooting pose that conveys relaxation and a certain depth is to touch your face. You have the choice between placing your hand on your chin, temple, cheek or neck. This gives your pictures a special touch.

To express seriousness and determination, you can cross your arms in front of your body.

Photo shooting poses and facial expressions
With your hand on your chin you give your portraits a thoughtful, professional touch.

Photo shooting poses – facial expressions

Your facial expression determines the mood in your photos. You have almost unlimited possibilities to convey exactly what you want to convey through your face: from a hearty laugh to a sad pout, from a deep look right into the camera to a thoughtful look into the distance.

If you want to achieve a specific mood, it makes sense to first consider which facial expressions best convey this mood and then choose the right one for your photo shooting pose. No matter what you choose, keep in mind that your facial expressions determine what atmosphere you create.

Smile in your photo shooting
A broad grin immediately puts the viewers of your pictures in a good mood.

Conclusion: Photo shooting poses

Learning poses for a photo shoot is hard work. It takes both theoretical knowledge and a lot of practice to become a professional poser. Our tips and poses are just a first insight into the world of photo shooting poses. Once you have mastered the basics, you will be able to approach more unusual poses.