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TikTok Guide: In addition to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, another social network has been causing a stir for some time now – with its funny clips, TikTok is capturing the hearts of influencers and their fans.

Do you want to take off with TikTok too? Then take a few minutes to read our TikTok guide. We will show you how to create your profile, get your first fans and give you some ideas on which clips you can create next. Have fun!

Create a TikTok account

1. Create a TikTok account

Go to the App Store / Google Play and download the TikTok app. Once you have opened it, you can easily log in with your existing Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account or create a new username and password if you don’t want to link your other accounts to TikTok.

Download the tiktok app

2. Set your profile up

After you have successfully logged in to the app, the first thing you will see is the video feed. Even if there are many great clips waiting for you here, you should take care of your profile first. Click on the icon that looks like a person in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

In your profile overview, look for the “Edit profile” button. Here you can change your profile photo or video, your username and your TikTok Bio. Take your time and keep in mind that other users often decide whether to follow you based on your profile.

TikTok Guide: Find your way

Your video feed

Let’s get to the core part of TikTok: Your video feed! You can open it by tapping on the house symbol. As you’re not following anyone yet, you’ll only see random trend videos here. The longer you use TikTok and the more users you follow, the more accurate the content showed to you will be. That way you can indirectly control which videos are shown to you by liking, following, and commenting on them.

Understand the finger gestures on TikTok:

When you use TikTok for the first time, the “controls” can be a bit confusing. Here are some of the most important gestures you should know:

Swipe down / up: This way, you’re watching the next / previous videos in your feed.

Swipe to the right: Do you like a video and want to learn more about the TikToker in question? Then swipe right to go to his profile.

Tap on the icons: You will find 5 icons on the right-hand side of each video. The TikToker profile is displayed at the top of the screen. Here you can either click on the plus symbol to follow him or on the circle to view his profile. Underneath that, you will see a heart to like, a speech bubble to comment, an arrow to share and a spinning record to get to the original sound of that TikTok video.

Double tap: If you tap a video in your feed twice in a row, a heart will light up and you have liked the video. That’s why TikTokers regularly ask you to double tap on the screen.

Keep your finger pressed: With this gesture you can set your favorites, hide future TikToks from a user or with a specific sound, or signal to the app that you don’t like this type of video.

TikTok Guide: Find videos or profiles

The “Discover” button takes you to the TikTok search overview. Here you can search for specific TikTokers or videos. Enter a name or a search term or look at the shown TikToks for current trend topics.

Use the TikTok code

There is another way to discover new profiles. It is done by scanning the TikTok code of the respective user. Everyone has their own code and can use it to promote their TikTok channel in the real world. You can find your own TikTok code by going to your profile and tapping on the three dots on the top right-hand corner and then the symbol with the four squares.

With your TikTok code, you can also scan the codes of other users. Keep an eye out for codes in your environment!

Edit your profile or settings

Your settings can do much more than just show you your TikTok code. Here you can set your privacy, turn your push notifications on and off, and much more. Take a look at your settings and find out how you can enjoy TikTok even more. For example, we recommend using the dark mode on TikTok to protect your eyes.

Create your own TikToks

With the “+” symbol you can create videos or upload a video from your gallery. If you want to create a video for the first time, you first have to allow the app to access your smartphone camera.

1. Choose a sound

Before you start, you should choose a sound to which you want to move your lips. Of course, you can use TikTok without sound and create your own sound with a little creativity, but to start off, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the art of lip-syncing.

2. Set filters, the timer, the tempo etc.

No, we’re not done yet. First, you have to set the speed of your video or put a filter over your face. After all, you want to look as beautiful as possible in your TikTok video. When you’re done with that, press the red button in the middle of your screen to start recording.

3. Post-editing

Tap on the red check mark in the lower right-hand corner to stop your recording. Now you can choose some cool or funny effects. For example, you can make your eyes look bigger or your mouth smaller. Depending on how seriously you want to take yourself, you can let your creativity flow freely here…

4. Circumvent restrictions

Please note that you can only upload videos which are up to 15 seconds long with TikTok. If you want to upload longer videos, record them with your regular smartphone camera.

5. Delete TikTok videos

It can always happen that you accidentally upload videos that have not been edited yet. If this happens, quickly go to your profile and tap the unwanted TikTok. Then click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and select “Delete” from the menu.

The best TikTok ideas for beginners

Anyone can move their lips to a popular song! Here are a few tips on how to fill your TikTok with great content.

Get inspired by other TikTokers

When you scroll through your feed and you come across a sound that you like, do not hesitate to try it yourself. Just tap on the record on the bottom right-hand side to get that sound and make your own TikTok with it. The fewer users have already used the sound, the better. Scroll regularly through the clips of your favorite TikTok stars and copy their style.

Film your pets

TikTok pets

What would the internet be without the numerous animal videos? So, keep your camera ready whenever your pet does something especially cute or crazy. You can also try to involve your pet in a challenge. But always make sure that your pets’ well-being comes first. Cruelty to animals not only makes you unpopular, but also punishable.

Take part in duets

You especially like the video of another user? Then why not take the opportunity to respond with your own video and show the TikToker what you can do with their video in a creative way. This feature will split your screen in two. On one side you can see the TikToker’s video and on the other side you can see your reaction. To start a duet, press the split button and select “Duet”.

TikTok Guide: Take part in a challenge

The longer you use TikTok, the more often you will encounter so-called “challenges”. These challenges ask you to do something specific that is in some way difficult or unusual. A few years ago, for example, the Ice Bucket Challenge spread through social networks. It asked users to either pour a bucket of icy water over their heads or donate to a foundation for a specific nervous disease, where patients suffer from exactly that sensation of icy water being poured over their bodies and are often immobilized.

If you take part in such a challenge, don’t forget to use the respective hashtag so that other users can find your video.

TikTok Guide: Convert TikToks into GIFs

If you particularly like a video, you can also convert it to a GIF and post it on other social networks. A GIF is a special image format where the TikTok repeats itself in an endless loop. However, note that GIFs do not allow sound. So, if your TikTok is not as funny without its sound, a GIF of it is of little use to you.

To save the TikTok with sound, you have to send it to yourself by e-mail. To do this, tap on “share” and then select your e-mail address.

Finally, here are a few tips for winning fans on TikTok:

Post regularly and experiment. If you only upload one video every few weeks, your chances of getting many followers are very small. You also have to find out for yourself which format you (and your followers) like best.

Network with other TikTokers. You have a friend who has been using TikTok for a while and has more followers than you? Ask him or her to record a clip with you and link your TikTok account.

Use your other social channels. It’s a big step to share your TikToks on other platforms. But it’s also the easiest and fastest way to get more followers. Provided, of course, that you already have a few subscribers on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Be brave. TikTok videos live by exaggeration. The crazier, the better. You should learn to take yourself less seriously and be prepared to make a fool of yourself.

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