How can I verify my Instagram?

Everyone who wants to increase his fan base will ask this question at some point.

While a few years ago Instagram made a big secret of it, today there are many confirmed tips and tricks how to get the popular blue hook.

In this article we show you how to do it!

Why it is worth verifying your Instagram?

Verifying your Instagram means that your account is recognized as the authentic presence of a public figure, celebrity or brand.

You can recognize a verified Instagram account by a small blue check mark that appears next to the username:

But what exactly is the point of verifying your Instagram?

You seem important: If you comment on a post with your profile, your comment will in most cases be lost. But with a blue mark you’ll stand out from the crowd. Since normally only very large accounts have a blue check mark, you make other users curious about who is behind the verified profile.

You defend yourself against fraudsters: As soon as you have cracked a certain number of followers with your account, the risk of shady people trying to make a profit with your name increases. They create copycat accounts and try to abuse your credibility for their shady schemes. Scammers like that usually have no chance of getting verified. A blue check mark tells your followers that you’re not a fraud.

You push your Instagram SEO: If you want to get new Instagram followers continuously, you should make sure that your profile is displayed in the search for relevant terms. If you have a blue check mark next to your username, you will always be displayed in front of non-verified accounts in the search results.

Verify your Instagram with 3 simple steps

Requesting verification on Instagram is easier than you think. Just follow our brief instructions:

Step 1: Apply for verification

  • Tap on the three lines in the upper right corner of your profile
  • Click on the “Settings” button
  • Tap on “Account
  • Tap on “Request Verification
verify instagram

Enter your first and last name as well as your artist name and choose the area you owe your fame to.

Step 2: Confirm your identity

Now upload the copy of one of the following ID documents:

  • Identity card
  • driver’s license
  • Passport
  • official business documents (tax return, invoice, certificate of incorporation)

Make sure that the name on the document matches the full name entered above. If you don’t have a scanner, you can easily photograph the document with a scanner app.

Step 3: Send the request

As soon as you tap “Send”, your information will be sent to Instagram and released for review. Whether or not you are verified depends on the authenticity, uniqueness, completeness and reputation of your account.

The examination of your application usually takes a few days or even weeks.

Once Instagram has reviewed your account, you will get an Instagram notifications. If your request was rejected, you can try again after 30 days.

How much does it cost to get verified on Instagram?

Time and again, Instagram users are asked by email to pay for their verification.

However, these e-mails are an attempt to defraud.

Instagram itself would never ask you to pay for the verification request. By the way, you can always forward suspicious mails to: to check if it is really a so-called phishing attempt.

Verify Instagram: These tips make it work

Most verified Instagram accounts belong to large and well-known personalities or brands.

However, there are also smaller Instagram accounts that, with a little luck and a few tricks, have earned a blue check mark.

We will reveal to you now, how you can become the proud owner of one of these accounts.

Draw attention to yourself: If you want to be perceived as a public figure, you must present yourself to the public. Write to news sites and newspapers if they want to report about you and your activities.

Follow the rules: If you always follow the terms of use or community guidelines, you will increase your chances of getting verified.

Complete your profile: You would not believe how many applications fail because the corresponding profile has not been completed. If your account doesn’t have at least biography, profile picture and a few posts, your chances drop to zero. Also make sure that your profile is publicly visible. Private accounts cannot be verified.

Be honest: If your application contains false or misleading information, not only will your blue check mark be removed sooner or later, you may even face permanent exclusion from Instagram.

Show yourself outside Instagram: You can have as many Instagram followers as you like, if your name doesn’t show up anywhere else on Google, Instagram reviewers will be skeptical. Consider having your own website with a blog, conduct interviews, and register on other social media to strengthen your web presence.

Post regularly: It is impossible to verify an inactive Instagram account. Therefore, it’s a good idea to post quality content that will delight your fans on a regular basis.

Verify Instagram: Conclusion

Don’t give up!

The way to the blue hook is not easy even for longtime Instagrammer. Don’t be discouraged by a rejected application and use the time to improve your profile and get more followers.

Also, don’t be too eager to verify your Instagram profile. You can build a loyal following even without a blue hook.