What adult doesn’t dream of feeling like a child again and jumping happily into a ball bath? The WOW! Gallery makes it possible! While you’re having fun in the ball bath, you can take wonderful photos as a remembrance or for your Instagram Feed.

Photos and fun in the WOW! Gallery

The ball bath at the WOW! Gallery Berlin

Most indoor ball baths are perfect for children and teenagers, but make adults look out of place – our ball bath in the WOW! Gallery Berlin, on the other hand, is for young and old alike. Here, our visitors can really let their inner child out and immerse themselves in a pool with thousands of balls.

Bathing between the colorful balls makes for great photo motifs, which even after your WOW! Gallery visit, will bring a smile to your face and remind you of the great experience. The professional lighting ensures that our visitors look simply fantastic from every angle.

Good mood to go

The great thing about the ball bath at the WOW! Gallery is that you will not only have a lot of fun, but you will also be able to take great photos. You will have countless possibilities to pose and position yourself in the limelight and you will be able to take the perfect snapshot from every imaginable angle. That way, you can capture your good mood and take it home with you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are jumping right into the middle of the colorful balls, only your head can be seen or your shoes are the only thing being revealed from inside the ball bath. The important thing is that you have fun and that this can be seen in your pictures.

Photos for your Instagram account or as a gift

With the photos you create, you can add a playful post to your Instagram account or create a gorgeous cover for the next photo calendar for your loved. And if grandma, grandpa, mom, dad or your best friend love your pictures, just bring them along next time to the WOW! Gallery.

The WOW! Gallery ball bath – a place to relax and unwind

In our ball bath you can let your energy out and completely exhaust yourself. Jumping, diving, running or just lying around, all is possible in our ball bath. And the best thing is that you’re doing something good for your body at the same time. Not only are you burning a massive amount of calories, the jumping around in the ball bath also promotes your motor skills and the sense of balance.

You can relax in our ball bath and forget everyday life for a little while. The balls provide a light massage and in between all the great photos you’re taking, there will certainly be an opportunity for you to close your eyes for a moment.

A ball bath for everyone

As ball baths are the most fun with a group, the WOW! Gallery is a great place for stag parties, birthdays, family days or class outings. Our indoor ball bath is ready to use in any kind of weather and is cleaned regularly by our team. Should something get lost while jumping around, it will reappear in our treasure trove in most cases.

Not only do children enjoy ball baths, but adults can also have lots of fun with the plastic balls. Come by and experience probably the most extraordinary photo shooting in your life.