An Instagram Museum? What is that?

While both Instagram and a museum should be familiar to everyone, the term “Instagram Museum” often causes question marks. The WOW! Gallery tells you what it’s all about and why it’s worth a visit.

Instagrammable art

Ball bath at the WOW! Gallery

Conventional museums and exhibitions are everything, but cool. With an Instagram Museum it’s different. You will find colorful photo backgrounds and professional lighting as far as the eye can see. Perfect for great photos for Instagram. The motto: Create art yourself instead of just looking at it.

The WOW! Gallery invites you to interact with the exhibits. Each backdrop is designed so that you can move around and take beautiful photos – touching is encouraged.

Escape the every day at the Instagram Museum

Get out of the ugly grayness of the city and come to the colorful world of the WOW! Gallery. The place is teeming with funny exhibits and lovingly decorated rooms that are just waiting to be used as a photo background. Amongst flamingos, a ball bath, a trampoline and lots of confetti, your visit to the WOW! Gallery will pass by in a flash. A brightly lit up playground for all Pop Art fans.

Ready… Set… Selfie!

In contrast to a normal museum, the entrance ticket has a time limit of 90 minutes. In order for you to be able to use this time optimally, changing rooms and mirrors are available at the entrance. Only when you feel perfectly styled does the timer start and you have one and a half hours to take pictures of yourself in front of different backdrops.

Your Smartphone, a selfie stick and a power bank can of course not be missing. If you wish, you can also book a stylist who will give you professional make-up and styling.

A film-ripe idea

The inspiration for the Instagram Museum came from “The Nanny” – director Torsten Künstler, who has seen many film sets in his career. The basic concept of the WOW! Gallery is to provide visitors with beautiful backdrops for longer than just one scene.

Not only actors should have the opportunity to be photographed in front of perfectly illuminated backgrounds. In the Instagram Museum you become a star yourself. The scenes are just perfect for shooting your own little clip.

How much does a visit to the Instagram Museum cost?

You pay for your visit to the WOW! Gallery per time slot. You can see the cost of 90 minutes of pure WOW! in our current price table:

TicketAge limitPrice per person
Adult ticketfrom 14 years29,00 €
Friends Ticket Adults (4 for 3)from 14 years21,75 €
Teens & Kids Ticket6 – 13 years*19,00 €
Friends Ticket Teens & Kids (4 for 3)6 – 13 years*14,25 €
Kids Ticket0 – 5 years*free

*Only in the company of a person over 18 years of age

Museum based on the pop-up principle: Only available for a limited time

The WOW! Gallery is a pop-up museum, which means that we only stay in a city for a limited time. Like a travelling circus we move from city to city and open our locations at different places in Germany. So, make sure to secure your tickets in time!

Book tickets for the Instagram Museum

Your visit to the Instagram Museum should be well planned as you can only redeem your ticket within the booked period. Be on time so that you can prepare for your visit. We will provide you with changing rooms and mirrors so that you can change your clothes or freshen up your make-up if necessary.