A Selfie Museum in Berlin? You probably haven’t heard the term “Selfie Museum” that often before. We will explain to you what a Selfie Museum is and why it is worth a visit.

What is a Selfie Museum?

Since the invention of smartphones, more and more people have been able to take portraits of themselves. Such self-portraits, also called selfies, have become a real cultural phenomenon in recent years. Every smartphone owner with a front camera on it has made a self-portrait of himself at some point. Because of its growing popularity, we have now dedicated our own museum to the Selfie. Every corner of the WOW! Gallery is designed to shoot the perfect selfie.

Selfies with a WOW-effect – that’s what our museum stands for.

Colorful selfie world

When you enter the museum for the first time, you cannot help but say “WOW!” out loud. Huge ball baths, professional lighting and confetti cannons – this is what awaits visitors in our Selfie Museum. Over 25 interactive installations are waiting to be discovered and used as a photo backdrop. Guests have 90 minutes to let their creativity flow freely and bathe in the spotlight. The taken photos can of course be kept and uploaded to Instagram and Co.

3…2…1… confetti! In the confetti room, jumping is the order of the day.

Art you can touch

Unlike in ordinary museums, the exhibits may be touched – in fact, they should be. Trampoline jumping, jumping into the ball bath or walking through the glitter labyrinth? Our Selfie Museum proves that art exhibitions can also be fun. The style of the settings can be summarized under the term “Pop Art” – contemporary art for young and old.

Jumping into the ball bath is not only great fun, but also looks cool.

The stage is ready for you

Well-lit scenes, colorful backdrops and lots of glitter – what is usually reserved for stars belongs for 90 minutes to anyone who pays for the admission. Usually professional photo shootings are expensive and time-consuming. In the WOW! Gallery anyone can become a professional photographer and shoot as many photos as they want in 90 minutes. If you want support, you can book a photographer and / or a professional stylist.

Selfie Museum according to the Pop-Up principle

The exhibited scenery of the WOW! Gallery has a limited time. An installation that serves as a backdrop for hundreds of great selfies in one month may not be available the next month. We are constantly improving, adding and changing our museum to provide a varied experience for our returning visitors. In addition to that, our installations open up almost endless possibilities to create a unique selfie by changing the lighting. Upon request, even light shows or specific colors can be pre-programmed.

Prices for the Selfie Museum

For the perfect day at the Selfie Museum you need three things: a camera (the front camera of your smartphone is enough!), a selfie stick and of course: a ticket. Here you can find our current admission prices.

TicketAge limitPrice per person
Adult Ticketfrom 14 years29,00 €
Friends Ticket Adults (4 for 3)from 14 years21,75 €
Teens & Kids Ticket6 – 13 years*19,00 €
Friends Ticket Teens & Kids (4 for 3)6 – 13 years*14,25 €
Kids Ticket0 – 5 years*free

*Only in the company of a person over 18 years of age

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