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What do TikTok stars have in common with you? They all started out small. If you're planning to take off with your TikTok profile, you should take the most successful TikTokers as a role model. In this list, we show you the biggest German and international TikTok stars and what you can learn from them.

International TikTok Stars

Charli D’amelio

Uploads 1,306

Follower 63,300,000

Likes When it comes to TikTok stars, Charli D'amelio is at the top. With over 63 million followers, you could call her the queen of TikTok. Anyone who actively uses TikTok has surely seen her face and her viral TikTok dances. As a professional ballroom dancer, Charli has a few killer dance moves under her belt. Want a taste?

Tip: If you want to impress on TikTok with your dance skills, Charli D'amelio should definitely be one of your role models.

Zach King

Uploads 204

Follower 44,800,000

Likes 500,500,000

Zach, also known on YouTube as FinalCutKing, is probably one of the most creative TikTokers in the world.His short but elaborately produced clips made him a star on Vine several years ago and earned him several Streamy Award nominations in the "Best Visual Effects" category.Zach King's specialty is TikToks, which use outstanding video editing to make it look like magic is at play:

Tipp: You won't get as good as Zach overnight. Read up on the world of video editing and try to add some minor visual effects to your videos that will surprise your followers and increase from video to video.

Faisal shaikh

Uploads 354

Follower 30,400,000


Indian Instagramer Faisal shaikh has now amassed over 30 million followers with his TikTok profile. His content mainly revolves around his workouts and his private life. As a fashion blogger and genuine model, Faisal likes to present himself in the coolest clothes or show off his free upper body. Of course, funny clips are not to be missed with him either.

Tip: Faisal brings good looks, coolness and humor under one hat. Work on yourself and stay true to yourself, then your chances are good to play in the same league with Faisal shaikh in the future.

TikTok Stars:

Addison rae @addisonre

Uploads 996

Follower 45,600,000

Likes 2,500,000,000

19-year-old Addison Rae is one of the most popular stars on TikTok. A member of the "Hype House," Addison posts dance videos with her friend Charli D'Amelio. Addison's TikTok career began a few years ago when she played babysitter to a group of middle schoolers and posted a video as a joke that went viral. Since then, Addison Rae has been regularly posting clips in which she spreads good cheer.

Tip: Addison also shows you what it takes to become successful on TikTok with your dance clips. Don't take yourself too seriously and develop your own style.


Loren Gray @lorengray

Uploads 2,482

Follower 44,300,000

Likes 2,400,000,000

Loren Gray became known on in 2015 under the name Loren Beech. Meanwhile, she is also present on many other social networks. She even has several accounts on Instagram, including one each for her two dogs. Without TikTok and other social networks, Loren says she would love to be a cheerleader. You can see that in her videos: In her videos, she jumps around in front of the camera and spreads good cheer. She proves in her song "Queen" that she doesn't have to hide in terms of singing either.

Tip: Behind every beautiful face is a lot of work. To be able to do your makeup as professionally as Loren, you should watch a few makeup tutorials every day.

Riyaz @riyaz.14

Uploads 1,937

Follower 41,700,000

Likes 1,900,000,000

Riyaz Afreen is a successful Indian Tik Tok star, influencer and fashion blogger. He got his over 41 million TikTok fans mainly through his popular playback clips.

Tip: Moving your lips to match the music while still looking as casual as Riyaz looks easier than it is. Practice with songs you know by heart and dress up for your clips as if you were the star of a music video. That's exactly what you are to your followers on TikTok.


BabyAriel @babyariel

TikTok Stars: BabyAriel @babyariel

Uploads 2,197

Follower 33,700,000

Likes 1,800,000,000

Singer BabyAriel owes her status as a TikTok star to her early fame on the app What started out of boredom in 2015 earned her a Teen Choice Award just a year later. Meanwhile, BabyAriel has over 33 million followers, her own web series called "Baby Doll Records," and was even cast by Disney in 2018. BabyAriel is popular for her numerous TikTok dance moves.


Spencer X @spencerx

Uploads 939

Follower 33,600,000

Likes 797,500,000

Beatboxer and TikTok star Spencer X became famous with his own music and funny sketches. Spencer X has already proven his musical talent together with many other artists, with whom he performed at the Vans Warped Tour, the Bumbershoot Festival and the 116th Street Festival, among others. Born and raised in New York, Spencer X has worked with artists such as Alicia Keys and Sean Kingston.

Brent Rivera @brentrivera

Uploads 734

Follower 28,900,000

Likes 806,400,000

TikTok star Brent Rivera became known primarily for his YouTube channel "MrBrent98," with which he gained over 12 million subscribers. With his short clips, he was also extremely popular on Vine for a long time. When the platform was closed down a few years ago, he took his fan base with him to his TikTok channel, where he still uploads funny videos that delight millions of followers.

TikTok Stars:GIL CROES @gilmhercroes

Uploads 562

Follower 27,600,000

Likes 703,300,000

Raised on the South American island of Aruba, the TikTok star quickly won the hearts of now over 27 million people. His humor and easy-going manner give his clips a unique flair. By the way, Gil Croes works as a model and actor on the side and even won an award for best male actor at the Aruba Short Film Festival in 2015.

TikTok Stars From Germany

Selina Mour

Selina Mour inspires more than 2 million followers every day with her lip syncs. In addition to TikTok, Selina also uses Instagram and has already gained over 600,000 followers here as well. Even though the TikTok star only moves her lips in most of her clips, she doesn't rely on playback. Occasionally, she shows in her videos that she has a beautiful singing voice.


Lipsyncing, vlogs and lots of comedy - that sums up Levinhotho's TikTok channel. More than 2.1 million fans follow his daily social media activities. The sunny boy likes to show himself surfing on the most beautiful beaches on earth on his Instagram channel.


Enyadres shows that German TikTokers can also be successful with their dance moves. Their clips are bursting with summer feeling, coolness and good mood.

Dalia Mya

Dalia Mya regularly inspires over 5 million fans with her dance and lipsyncing videos. She also works as a voice actress and has already been heard as Jillian Spaeder in the series Walk the Prank.


Naomi Jon

Naomi Jon is a German TikTok star by any other name. 2.2 million fans follow her videos, in which she regularly shares beauty and makeup tips. She was so successful as a live streamer on the YouNow platform that the network rated her as an "Editor's Choic."