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You are planning your next photo shoot in Berlin and want to prepare perfectly? Don't worry! We from the WOW! Gallery have written down the most important photo shooting tips for you. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional photographer - with these photoshooting tips your photoshoot will be a success!

Fotoshooting Tipps für Anfänger Die richtige Kleidung fürs Fotoshooting Welche Kleidung du anziehst, ist entscheidend für ein gelungenes Fotoshooting. Zu auffällig und sie lenkt von deinem Gesicht ab, zu schlicht und du siehst aus wie deine eigene Oma: Langweilig! Wähle also Outfits, in denen du toll aussiehst, die aber nicht die komplette Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen. Bei einem Fotoshooting in der WOW! Gallery kannst du übrigens auch mehrere Outfits wählen und dich zwischen den Sets umziehen. Hier ein paar Do’s und Don’ts, an denen du dich während des Fotoshootings orientieren kannst: Do’s and Don’ts bei den Fotoshooting Outfits

Erklärung – die Do’s:
Dunkle Kleidung: Dunkle Farben lassen dein Gesicht erstrahlen und sorgen dafür, dass du auf dem Foto schlanker wirkst.
Accessoires: Auch hier gilt: weniger ist mehr. Setze auf minimalistische Accessoires, die den Blick des Betrachters nicht von deinem Gesicht weglenken.
Brillen mit entspiegelten Linsen: Eine Brille ist nur dann ein gelungenes Accessoire, wenn die Gläser entweder entspiegelt oder gar nicht erst vorhanden sind, da sie sonst reflektieren. Brillen an sich sind eine tolle Möglichkeit, deinem Gesicht Kontur zu verleihen.
Kontraste: Generell solltest du darauf achten, jeweils einen möglichst hohen Kontrast herzustellen. Shootest du vor einem hellen Hintergrund, sind dunkle Klamotten gefragt, vor einem dunklen eher helle. Möchtest du gerne Weiß tragen, solltest du es immer mit etwas dunklem wie etwa einer Jacke kombinieren.
Bei diesem Gast stimmt einfach alles: Das Outfit ist passend zum futuristischen Hintergrund gewählt:

The Don'ts Bright colors: If you wear bright colors, your face will fade into the background. Many of our backgrounds are bright and would make you disappear visually. Patterns: While a small logo on your shirt is not a problem, you should avoid flashy patterns. Again, it will draw attention away from your face. Shorts: Normally, your face and cleavage are the only skin that an observer sees. To keep it that way, you should avoid wearing shorts. Ingenious photo shoot poses For great ideas for photoshoot poses, check out our Instagram profile and try to mimic the poses and facial expressions of our guests:

Indoor Photoshooting Tips For most photographers, shooting indoors is a real challenge. Why is that?
Indoor Fotoshooting Tipps
Für die meisten Fotografen ist es eine echte Herausforderung, in Innenräumen zu fotografieren. Warum das so ist?

The answer is simple:

They lack natural light!

To make your indoor photoshoot a success right away, here are a few useful indoor photo shooting tips: Use light to your advantage From which direction is the light coming?

This is the very first question you should ask yourself as soon as you enter a room.

Always point your face towards the light so that the shadow falls exactly as you see fit. After all, you don't want your outfit to be covered by an ugly shadow, do you?

Since the WOW! Gallery, you don't have to worry about this point.

Du wirst bei uns aus jedem Winkel perfekt aussehen!
Übe vor dem Spiegel
Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand… was tu ich bitteschön mit meiner Hand?!
Bevor du dich an einer neuen Pose versuchst, solltest du sie zu Hause vor dem Spiegel ein paar Mal geprobt haben.

Nothing is worse than being uptight because you don't know what you're doing!

Wenn du deine Posen vorher im Spiegel geübt hast, kannst du dich beim Fotoshooting viel mehr darauf konzentrieren, aus welchem Winkel du gerade fotografiert wirst und was auf dem fertigen Bild zu sehen sein soll.
Bleib locker
Dein Outfit kneift, das Licht blendet und du weißt einfach nicht, was du mit deinen Händen tun sollst?

In photos, it's immediately obvious when you're not feeling well. Your posture looks tense, your smile artificial, your jawline tense. A simple photo shooting tip to avoid such photos:

Place hands loosely on hips and push one leg slightly forward.

One hand should definitely be higher than the other. Alternatively, you can also just play with your hair, like our guest

No, not to the gap between the teeth, but to the gap between the arms and legs.

Das ist nämlich einer der häufigsten Fehler beim Fotoshooting: Models pressen ihre Gliedmaßen zu nah an den Körper.

This makes arms and look thicker than they actually are.

To test whether you are leaving enough space, simply slide a hand between your arms or legs and your body. If it fits loosely between them, the distance is right. Flash is taboo! Not only is additional light completely unnecessary in our Instagram museum, it also looks artificial.

There are definitely more elegant photo shooting tips to influence the brightness and sharpness of your images:

Change the ISO value of your camera: Look in the settings of your camera for the ISO value. This should be between 800 and 1600. The higher, the brighter your images will be.

Use a large aperture: The larger the aperture of your camera, the more light falls on its sensor. This makes for beautifully sharp, but above all bright photos!

Use a tripod: This tip has less to do with brightness and more to do with the sharpness of your images. If you don't want to buy a tripod, use a solid surface like a table to support your arms or activate the image stabilization of your camera. FAQ about our photo shooting tips How should I put on makeup? Every skin blemish is noticeable at the photo shoot. Therefore, pay special attention to an even complexion. You should also coordinate your make-up with your outfit. The more eye-catching your outfit, the more colorful your make-up can be. But be careful: think about where you want to draw the attention of the viewer beforehand. Photo shoot with or without styling? If you are still a little unsure about your styling, an expert at your side is not a bad idea. He or she can help you put the finishing touches on your look. In our WOW! Gallery you can easily book a make-up artist. Just write us a message! How many pictures should I take? The motto "less is more" does NOT apply to photo shoots. Shoot several hundred photos and vary your poses minimally. Fast movements make for shaky photos. Alone or in pairs? Even if it may seem a little embarrassing at first to pose in front of other people. Having someone by your side has many advantages! You have someone to take photos of you and make you look good.

Get inspired and check out the photos of other photographers. Once you know the location, a look at their site will help you see what sets are available to you.

A visit before the shooting is of course even better. So you can get an impression of the lighting situation in advance and put together a plan.

Welche Posen soll dein Model einnehmen?
Aus welchem Winkel sieht der Hintergrund am besten aus?

Also include the wishes of your model in the planning and discuss the outfits for the shooting.

A gaudy outfit against a colorful background is often too much. Gather your equipment If you want to take good photos for Instagram, you need the right equipmentGood equipment is the be-all and end-all of a professional photographer.

Put together a checklist for your equipment so you don't forget anything. The must-haves of a photographer include:

- A good camera - Lenses in different sizes - Spare batteries - tripod - empty (!) memory cards

Especially the last point is something you should keep in mind. There's nothing more embarrassing than realizing in the middle of a shoot that your memory is full and you don't have any memory cards with you. Have full control over the lighting Nothing works without light.

This is especially true for indoor photo shoots.

So make sure you get an idea of the lighting situation and, if necessary, use reflectors and flash to illuminate your model well.

In the WOW! Gallery you have the possibility to play with the ambient light and to influence the numerous lamps. The color of the lighting will eventually determine the mood of your photos. Know your camera During the photo shoot, your attention should be 100% on your model.

No time to "take a look at the settings".

You should know exactly which settings you want to use on which set. Take notes so that you don't waste precious time (and look like a complete beginner). Be responsive to your models The professional relationship with your model will determine how successful your photo shoot will be.

If you want your model to let herself go in front of the camera, you should create a relaxed atmosphere. Talk to your model, give him or her instructions and throw in a few jokes here and there. A real no-go is not communicating with your model. It reflects unprofessionally on you. Make clear announcements - but always be friendly and allow your model's ideas and suggestions. After the photo shoot is before the photo shoot You've taken great photos, just said goodbye to your model and think your job is done?


If you want to work with your model again in the future, you should thank her for the great cooperation.

Schreibe ihm oder ihr eine Dankesmail und hänge alle Kopien der Fotos, die du für gelungen hältst, an die Mail an.

Wenn du nach ein paar Tagen keine Antwort erhältst, hake nochmal nach, was das Model von deinen Fotos hält.

Even if your first session didn't go so well, address what went wrong on your end and apologize for it. Also ask your model what you can do better next time.

Feedback is the key to your success! Over time, you can also develop a questionnaire that you give to your model after the session. However, experience shows that you rarely get such a sheet of paper filled out.

Seek rather the personal conversation. Conclusion: Photo shooting tips and tricks for beginners Whether you're a beginner or a professional photographer, we hope our photo shoot tips have helped you and you're well prepared for your next visit to the WOW! Gallery. By the way, you can now give a photo shoot as a gift.