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When your best friend, sister or cousin gets married, it should be something very special. Especially as maid of honor, you want to read every wish from the bride's eyes and help her to organize the wedding of her dreams. For most people, a perfect wedding naturally also includes a completely successful bachelorette party, or bachelorette party for short. Traditionally, the maid of honor hosts this party to let it rip with the bride before entering the safe haven of marriage. Hardly any city in Germany is better suited for this than Berlin. A Berlin bachelorette party can promise everything: endless fun, exuberance and party without end.

Bachelorette Party Berlin: Why this city in particular

Are you still thinking about in which city you should host the bachelorette party or do you even live with the bride in Berlin and you want to celebrate your hometown again right? Then look no further. Berlin offers countless possibilities for every taste. A Berlin bachelorette party can be wild and crazy at a club night, quiet and intimate at various activities or even culturally stimulating while marveling at many sights. No matter what you have in mind on the big day: the city can offer you everything.

Creating memories: priceless

No matter what you decide to do in the end, whether it's just the two of you or a big group, you'll never forget the moments of that day. Years from now, you'll still be reminiscing and laughing about all the fun. So that no detail is forgotten, it needs one thing above all: High-quality and beautiful photos. Just for a JGA Berlin women photos are often it essential part of the whole day. At a Bachelorette Party in Berlin, you have of course the opportunity to shoot great snapshots on the road, but even if these are fun to look at, lighting conditions and background often leave much to be desired. Over the day is of course no problem and should be part of the whole weekend, but the most beautiful photos that are framed at the end and hung on the wall, you get in a professional setting.

Bachelorette party Berlin: creative and timeless

Ingenious and like a professional shot photos and memorabilia you get only in the WOW! Gallery Berlin. Here you can pose, laugh and create memories together. A visit to the WOW! Gallery can be easily integrated into other plans of your big day, the entire visit does not take too long. Instead of spending the whole day trying to take the perfect photo in some park or in front of the monuments of Berlin, you can focus on the photos for a few hours and enjoy other activities before and after.

The WOW! Gallery: Boundless fun in the middle of Berlin

The WOW! Gallery is located in the hip district of Prenzlauer Berg, where you can also find numerous bars, clubs and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. So you can have brunch in one of the countless breakfast restaurants before your visit to the Gallery or slowly welcome the evening after your visit. With a cocktail or a cold beer you can let yourself drift with the Berlin flair before the night can begin. No matter how you imagine the day: If you are looking for JGA Berlin ideas women, you will certainly find in Prenzlauer Berg.

The Gallery itself is the brainchild of real artists: filmmakers Torsten Künstler and Bernhard Jasper, together with their collaborators, have created a project where everyone can feel like a star. On 1000 square meters you can have your photos taken at 30 installations and really let off steam in the selfie corner. We are open for you from Thursdays and Fridays from 11 am to 6 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm.

Berlin bachelor party ideas for women and the WOW! Gallery

The WOW! Gallery not only convinces with an ingenious location and countless photo ops, but is also perfect for bachelorette parties: Only here you can have endless fun for hours and in the end take 100 highly professional photos for eternity. If you're still looking for JGA ideas Berlin, the gallery is just the thing for yourself as a maid of honor. You can be sure that the bride will never forget this unforgettable moment. Our elaborate and professional backdrops will make any other background pale and with modern and technically ingenious lighting conditions you can be sure that every picture will be successful. Our technicians and photographers have played around for a long time so that we can guarantee the perfect lighting conditions. You can be sure as a maid of honor: not only the bride will look stunning in really every picture. In 30 years, your hearts will still be skipping when you see the photos. Of course, we also want to take care of your physical well-being: so that the JGA in Berlin atmosphere does not die down at all, we buy you a drink on the house.

The extra treat: the social media playground at the Instagram Museum

What would an extravagant photo experience be without social media? Thanks to our professional selfie corner and social media background, you can get your Instagram account and Tiktok channel cooking: Photos like a professional photo shoot will bring you countless likes and followers. It's not for nothing that our WOW! Gallery is also called Instagram Museum and TikTok Museum. Here you get photos that really stand out from the crowd and thanks to which you no longer post 08/15 backgrounds. Plus, you can really take your time and post the photos on your social media channels for months.

VIP treatment as icing on the cake

If you want to make your bachelorette party Berlin creative and you want to give the bride a special treat, we have another glamorous VIP offer for you. Here it is no longer just about a few photos, but you get the full program: A professional and experienced photographer is at your side, gives tips and makes high-quality photos and a make-up artist makes you even more beautiful than you already are. With this exclusive VIP program, you will not only create beautiful memories, but you can really feel like superstars or princesses for a day. This package is especially recommended if you want to really pamper the bride before her big day and you want to take home some really high class photos. If you want to book such a day with VIP treatment for the bride and her troupe or need more information, it's best to send us an email so we can talk about everything.


Bachelorette party Ideas Berlin: The WOW! Gallery is the best of all

If you are looking for great ideas for the bachelorette party of your best friend or sister in Berlin, you are at the WOW! Gallery is the right address. Here you can create unforgettable memories in the confetti rain or in the ball pool in perfect lighting conditions and in professional surroundings and feel like a real star. A bachelorette party with us leaves nothing to be desired and is crowned with a drink on the house. In the middle of Prenzlauer Berg, you'll spend a few enchanting hours and take home 100 high-quality photos at the end. Get tickets today for the photo experience for your BACHELORETTE PARTY in Berlin.